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VorTech’s success is its unique, patented, magnetically coupled design and technically advanced motor driver and firmware. To do this, please follow the steps below. VorTech Driver Mount. "Prior to any return, a return merchandise authorization rma must be obtained by contacting the seller". It allows you to control your Vectra™ pumps, VorTech® pumps and Radion® LED lighting from anywhere in the world through a computer or mobile device (iOS and Android supported). · The feed mode is a nice touch but I found that the wave settings were a bit coarse — I can’t get the fine control I need to get a real good standing wave going in the Ecoxotic tank (as per Ecotech’s instructions, I checked with Ecoxotic to ensure that the tank could take the wave before I tried to create one with the MP10).

Where do you have it mounted? At %50 I get so much flow it&39;s amazing. QuietDrive and the all new MP40 redefine what&39;s possible in an aquarium circulation pump.

5 to 50 gallonscreates gentle flows of 200 to 1,575 gallons per hour, helping the tanks feel more like the ocean. Enter the following button sequence to set Night Mode at the precise time when you desire your pump to enter into Night Mode. Instruction Manual MP10 READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE INSTALLING OR USING YOUR VORTECH PROPELLOR PUMP. I have one but haven&39;t played with it much yet.

Vortech MP10; MP10w Aquarium propeller Pump. · Yes, as Jay said above, EcoTech actually recommends using the MP10w ES in combination with 2 MP40w ES pumps when running in their new EcoSmart modes. ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS MANUAL IS CURRENT AT THE TIME OF PRINTING. The VorTech is no less amazing today than when it was first revolutionized the aquarium hobby. UPBRIGHT 24V AC/DC Adapter for MP10 MP10W ES MP10WES MP-10WES MP-10W MP10W MP-10WES Vortech ECOTECH 24VDC Vortech Power Head Fit a Fish Aquarium 24VDC Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger PSU ALITOVE 24V DC Power Supply 2A 48W AC/DC Adapter 100~240V AC to DC 24 Volt 2 Amp Converter mA 1. Vortech MP40w Pump Review. James Madden 12,919 views.

VorTech MP40 Bedienungsanleitung : VorTech MP40 Manual: Vortech MP60. · Hey Vortech MP10, MP40 and MP60 owners what&39;s your favorite mode? The complete QuietDrive VorTech manual is available by selecting the following link. Wet-Side Assembly for VorTech MP10. · This is what the mp10 manual says.

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10w ES Overview - Duration: 16:38. MP40w ES VorTech water pump pdf manual download. · After the initial inspection, I put the VorTech MP10 into our 80-gallon frag tank. This manual explains the features of this product and also serves as a guide to safe and proper installation and operating procedures and techniques. QuietDrive VorTech Manual. EcoSmart Live is EcoTech Marine’s web-based aquarium command center. New Listing Ecotech Marine MP10 ES Vortech Pump.

Vortechs is a hydrodynamic separator that combines swirl concentration and flow controls into a shallow treatment unit that traps and retains trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. One pump was purchased without the Wireless feature and the other came with the wireless feature standard. · The Mp60w ES is a great jump forward from the Mp40w ES line.

I have been having a few issues with my pumps in tuning the proper water flow within my aquarium because the pumps were not synchronized wirelessly. I was extremely amazed at how much surface agitation and overall water movement this pump emitted. 24v vortech mp10 es propeller pump 240v ac-dc powe. Watch; F S Y P W 5 O N S O R E D 9 0 C D E J 8. Specifications VorTech MP10 ES Propeller Pump Flow: 200 to 1,575 gph Wattage: 8 to 18 watts Maximum Aquarium Wall Thickness: 3/8" Appropriate Tank Size Range: 2-1/2 to 50 gallons Dimensions: Wet Side-21/2" diameter by 1-1/2" long; Dry Side-2-1/2" diameter by 2" long Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 2-1/4" VorTech MP10w ES Propeller Pump Flow.

Designed for tanks 1. · According to the manual it doesn&39;t sound positive, you may need a MP40 for 1/2" glass. EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40QD Propeller Pump w/ Wireless QuietDrive Driver - Mobius Ready First, VorTech took the pump motor out of the aquarium, now QuietDrive takes the noise out of the motor. Vortech Racers Heating Up The Drag Strip And Taking The Win At Multiple Events. View and Download Ecotech Marine MP40w ES VorTech setup manual online. So I currently operate 2 EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10 ES pumps on my 20 gallon aquarium. When purchasing used equipment, it will always need to be factory reset.

Come along with me as I teach you how to set up the different modes of a Ecotech Marine. VorTech MP10 Bedienungsanleitung: VorTech MP10 Manual: Vortech MP40. EcoSmart Live is loaded with features such as setup guides, flow and lighting wizards.

VorTech pumps offer a low profile and broad flow. 24v vortech mp10 es propeller pump 240v ac-dc. The magnetically coupled design keeps heat and wires out of the tank. I unplugged every piece of equipment except the lights, then turned on the tiny VorTech.

ECOTECH MP40 MANUAL PDF - MP40 Data Sheet, application/pdf, MB, 08/06/ VorTech MP40w ES Propeller Pump Gen 2 MP40 Manual, application/pdf, MB, 10/27/ Your vortech propeller pump. Replacement RF Module. Read More Vortech Driver Odi Bakchis Leads The Formula Drift Points Standings After 2 Events. Not sure if it&39;ll help or not. The MP10 is intended for smaller tanks or to supplement flow in larger systems spanning up to 3/8 inch of glass and rated at 1,575 gallons of flow per hour.

· Step by step Guide to setting up a Vortech MP10/20/40/60 - Duration:. EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode (NTM) - A two phase program to promote maximum health and nutrient export, as well as increased growth for corals. I&39;ve been messing around with the settings and so far I really like the Tidal and Nutrient Transport modes. VorTech MP10QD and MPwQD pumps by EcoTech Marine. Heres a step by step guide on how to set up a Vortech propeller pump. From page 33 of the user manual: MP10’s aren’t just for nano tanks anymore.

The MP10 ES vortech mp10 es manual uses award-winning technology to let you take full control of the flow. -All new driver included with the Vortech MP10, MP40, and MP60. The Vortech MP10 has been upgrade to the new QuietDrive driver that reduces noise, improves efficiency and increases flow.

At Vortech Superchargers we have multiple systems for multiple models. 5 to 50 gallons—create gentle flows of 200 to 1,575 gallons per hour, helping the tanks feel more like the ocean. View and Download Vortech MP10 setup manual online. 1 out of 1 found this. The MP10 ES and MP10w ES will sometimes require you to adjust the spacing between the dry-side moter and wet-side propeller. No accessories are required for wave making. Proudly bringing the cutting edge of technical innovation to the award winning Vortech pump line.

Time left 3d 13h vortech mp10 es manual left. MP40w ES VorTech Water Pump pdf manual download. QuietDrive represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver. NemProtect Powerhead Guard for Vortech MP10 - Wavemaker Guards. The MP10w ESideal for tanks from 2. Designed especially for nano-reef aquariums, the MP10w ES from EcoTech Marine is a small yet powerful pump.

Warranty EcoTech Marine warrants to the original purchaser only that the VorTech Propeller Pump will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of (1) year from the date of original purchase if the product is installed and used properly and consistent with the User Manual. Vortechs® Stormwater Treatment. QuietDrive is the latest drive system that increases efficiency and significantly reduces motor noise. The Vortech MP40 has been upgrade to the new QuietDrive driver that reduces noise, improves efficiency and increases flow.

Constant Speed Mode - Pump runs continuously at vortech mp10 es manual a constant speed which can be set by the user. If you plan on controlling your VorTech via the ReefLink and EcoSmart Live, you will need to follow the steps below before attempting to add it to your account. Ecotech Vortech MP10,MP40 PSU Power Supply Power Brick Bracket Mount Cradle x3. I’d say with new bearings, that’s mostly true, but some models seemingly run quieter than others regardless. Earn 155 Reward Points Earn 310 Reward Points. Wet-Side Assembly for VorTech MP40. Was this article helpful? With all the electrical components outside the aquarium.

Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40w ES(X2) Pre-Owned. This technology is incorporating the QuietDrive driver that comes standard with the MP10, MP40 and MP60 VorTech pump. MP10 water pump pdf manual download. Click here to open the wide range of systems and find the right one for you. VorTech MP10 EcoSmart & MP10w EcoSmart Propeller Pump Designed especially for nano-reef aquariums, the MP10 and MP10w from EcoTech Marine are small yet powerful pumps.

Excellent condition ecotech reeflink with original box.

Vortech mp10 es manual

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